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EDIT #2: I'm afraid I won't be able to update this game with other playable characters, since I don't have the flash file anymore :<

EDIT: For the ones who don't like to read the instructions(xD), you have to use the WASD keys to make Deidei walk.

Ok, so I took the risk and re-uploaded it again without audio c: even though I'm not really sure if it got removed just because of the music I used xD; they only said it was reported because of Art theft...-_-; even though I made everything myself; except the Newgrounds preloader and the music...

Anyway, hope I won't get banned because of re-uploading this >_< though if I do get banned, you can find me at my other account, :iconsugarhighraccoon: :3</b>


Eh, I don't feel like rewriting the whole description xD
So if you have a question, you can send me a PM. :meow:

Flash CS3, 1 year( x_x!)
Naruto (c) Masashi Kishimoto
First of all I would like to say Sorry about me never getting time Critique this earlier things have been a bit hellish around here lately.:D

Anyway on with the Critique!:D This is one of the most clearist animated flash games I have around da it is very simple and while you worked exetremely hard on it, it is not overly done either which is good thing. It is important for artist to keep it simple and easy for time to time. I love how easy it to navigate little Deidara through each little level you have here.

I must say I never though a little fishy could kill me:D I LOLed so hard when I was aww a fishy! Touch! *dies* then I thought. Did I just die? O.o

Kudos to you for making this cute simple flash game for us all to enjoy! :D
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i got alot to say about this game.
first of all, its really clear and easy. i love how easily you can navigate with little Deidei. and he looks so cuuuuute!
i used to be a Dei fangirl...until i got a boyfriend XD
anyways, the game's really believable, and i love how you put hidden obstacles in the clouds, the game would be so easy without little obstacles here and there XD and no one likes an overly easy game.
the animation is very clean. overall, GREAT JOB!
on the other hand, i do believe the whole 'you die after touching the bad thingy once' thing could be tweaked just a tiny bit. maybe like a '# of lives' thing or an HP bar would be better. but i still really like this nonetheless! great job, ive never seen anything like it! 8D
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October 9, 2009
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