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OMG! I actually had enough patience to finish this :0

I already have a new idea for the next flash >3

Flash CS3, over 9000 hours
Naruto (c) Kishimoto
Song: GO!!! Fighting Dreamers by Flow
*feels like she HAS to critique this, because its THAT good!*

Alright. This is nearly freakin' FIVE STARS all the way!
This flash was HILARIOUS, not to mention persistant with the beat of the music.
The Mudkip, OH LORD, that was epic!
I think my favorite part was...oh, hell too many to count! But I'll go with Tobi and the cookie jar...AND maybe Sasori when he was working on his puppets.
The flash is crip and clear, and the animation is nearly FLAWLESS((I really didn't see anything that would count as a negative...the only reason Technique is 4.5 stars instead of five, is that the Flash/Chibi technique is, well...not THAT original, but hell, it's good enough! xD)). Shoes, even the loading page made me LOL!
I couldn't stop laughing throught the whole thing, *orangeraccoon66 really outdid herself this time!

All Akatsuki lovers should watch this and fave it!
And, oh, how we all wish this could be the ACTUAL opening to an anime that's JUST about the Akatsuki!

:clap: GREAT job! Continue to shower us with your AWESOMENESS!!
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Ok I love this flash and how you used Fighting Dreamers in an Akatsuki theme. The best parts would be the begining where Kakuzu is selling Hidan's head to Sasori. Pein, Naruto, and the Mudkip. Zetsu in the ground when Konan came and her expression was funny and awsome. Konan with the axe. Hidan pulling Deidara while runing from Tobi. The bomb in front of Itachi. The part where Deidara startle's Sasori and Sasori gets him back. When Itachi was riding Kisame was awsome and when Itachi was beating Sasuke in the head with the stick. Like I said I love this flash and other Akatsuki fans should love it too five stars.
What do you think?
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May 9, 2010
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